Tis Hard to Pee Straight

This week’s Dustinland may not be the most highbrow strip I’ve ever done, however, it is very truthful, and, I’d like to think, insightful. I’m hoping my female readership can learn from this strip and come to understand that, for the most part, when a man steps into the bathroom and begins to pee, he does not close his eyes and spin around in a circle, despite what it may look like when he is done.

In other news, I will be away on bidness for a bit, so there will be no new comics next week. Fear not, however, for I will be back the following week with a super fantastic double- or even triple-sized Dustinland.

***Update: check out the fascinating pee-dialog this strip has inspired over at Reddit and a slightly less fascinating dialog here on Digg.

7 responses to “Tis Hard to Pee Straight

  1. Good points. However, guys should understand that they should be wiping their own foul piss off the floor, not leaving it there for their wives to wipe up, thus starting the whole conversation to begin with. It’s cool if guys make a mess peeing, liquid happens, they just need to get of their asses and clean once in a while.

  2. Let me guess, He’s circumcised.
    The foreskin acts to straighten streams out, resulting in less mess.

    No foreskin = wet floor.

    A cut penis will squirt in two directions at once sometimes.

    Women who want their Son “cut” can look forward to cleaning the lav more often.

    * An uncut penis with retracted foreskin will do the same thing, and this is how I know. normally it’s not retracted while peeing, but it sometimes occurs.


  3. I’ve never understood this whole “real men don’t sit to pee” stuff. Sometimes I stand when I urinate; other times I sit down. There are various reasons behind each choice, which I don’t care to go into (nor do I think anyone wants to hear them), but they have nothing to do with my masculinity or lack thereof.

  4. Bitter pee’s sitting down!

  5. Where’d the apostrophe in “pee’s” come from? It’s just “pees” dude. Otherwise you are referring to what is owned by the pee.

    Lesson learned: don’t let art directors type anything.

  6. Wolfie: This reminds me of a joke: Two guys are standing side-by-side at a urinal, doing their business. After a minute, one says to the other, “Did you get circumsized by Rabbi Steinberg?’

    “Why, yes. How did you know?”

    “Because he’s the only one I know who cuts ’em on the bias, and you’re pissing on my shoes.”

    Ben: ❤

  7. Oh my Gosh! I MUST share this others, especially Dustin and Jen . . . I’m SURE I am probably one of the VERY few women in the world with a husband who pees sitting DOWN! Grandpa John’s Mother never let him (OR his brothers) stand up, for the very reason described in Dustinland, because she was a nurse back during the great depression with very little time for mopping up Pee. John, being the youngest of 4 boys, was probably the only one who failed to realize he could do otherwise. He’s now approaching 80 and I’m sure the only time he’ll pee standing up is when he goes into a public, men’s restroom. (Yeah, I asked him once if he didn’t, and he confessed that he did.) OH MY! SO FUNNY!!!!!

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