2008: The Year in Review

I like to do these big year end summaries every year and that’s what this week’s Dustinland is. I’ve definitely missed a few years, mostly because people don’t seem to really enjoy it when I do these. But you know, I like it, and it’s not like you people are paying me to do these comics. Yeah, sure, you click on an ad or two every once in a while, but still, as long as I’m self published, I’m going to keep putting out whatever kind of comics I feel like — even if they’re lame, unfunny, obvious and uninteresting: just like this one!

See you in ’09 with more self deprecating crap!

2 responses to “2008: The Year in Review

  1. Don’t be too self deprecating dude, the strip was just fine. Just… depressingly fine 😦

    Here’s to a hopefully better 2009! Cheers

  2. Ha ha! Your year sucked! (Crud, was that my year too?)

    Good thing I own land on the moon.

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