Dustinland – Benefits of a Bad Economy

This week’s Dustinland is all about the benefits of a bad economy. But you know what? There really aren’t any. I mean, I guess if you don’t get laid off, you can maybe get some good deals on the stock market, and maybe buy property at a good price, in hopes that things will pick up and you’ll profit in the long run, but aside from that, unless you run a liquor store, things aren’t looking good right now. And it prettttty much sucks a fat ass. I just wonder, is there one person who voted for Bush who isn’t ashamed of themself right now? I mean, how can you possibly feel okay knowing you voted in the guy who destroyed America? Seriously, you deserve to be hit with a shoe. Or two.

6 responses to “Dustinland – Benefits of a Bad Economy

  1. Nice Revenge of the Birds comic, esp. how the boss is being squished.

    Well, America isn’t destroyed, and Bush certainly isn’t singularly culpable for the things that have gone wrong.

    All this ‘destruction of America’ began during Clinton’s terms, and the inertia carried into Bush’s terms: Alan Greenspan’s constant, and unprecedented, interest rate manipulation, the creation of the technology bubble, and its subsequent burst and crash of the NASDAQ, the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and Clinton started the subprime lending fiasco:

    From the NY Times, of all places, in 1999:

    “Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people”


    In 2000, I voted for Nader, but in 2004, I voted for Bush and am proud of it. No way I could vote for this guy:

    I’ve been to eight foreign countries on three continents in the past five months, and America is still held in high regard- we are still the envy of the world – far from being destroyed.

  2. Oh, please. When Clinton left the White House eight years ago, America was prosperous and had a balanced budget. Bush is leaving us with a catastrophe, and it’s Clinton’s fault?

    I’m glad you’re proud of voting for somone on the basis of his not dropping a football. Hope your self-satisfaction sustains you if you get laid off.

  3. Bitter, you’ve missed my point that the prosperity of the Clinton years was, in finance speak, a “castle in the air” and the charade eventually collapsed on itself.

    And, I have my own business, in a field with a vertical demand curve. In case you don’t know what that means, it is when consumers buy the same amount of a service or product regardless of price. The service I provide is a legal obligation upon nearly all Americans… if they don’t buy the service I offer, they could go to jail, and I’m not lowering prices – recession or not.

  4. It is extremely naive to blame Bush for the financial crisis. Get off the liberal soap box and read a few pages of basic economic theory. This has building up since the days of FDR.

  5. These comments are really incredible. A Republican president could shoot a baby in the face on national TV and there are conservatives out there who would blame it on liberals somehow. How can anyone seriously defend Bush right now? He has been president for eight years and today we are worse off in every way. How can you possibly say he was a good president? How can you look at the economy and say he did a good job? It’s mind blowing. It really is.

  6. I’m Mexican, so this whole conservative/liberal speech it’s not mine to take, but in front of such idiocy i’m all but speechless, i can’t understand how can ANYONE support bush with arguments like “it all began in clinton time” I mean, that’s EIGHT years ago, and he did nothing to prevent it ? c’mon, you say “read a few pages of basic economic theory” why don’t you ask your authorities to do the same? i’m not an economist but is incredible DUMB (not naive) say “it’s clinton fault” when your president did nothing in eight years to prevent it, in fact they do a lot of things to worsen it.

    And I have traveled in the last years, a lot, including US & Canada, europe and south america, and the image of United States (America is a continet, your country is called united states) is as bad as it can be; “we’re still the envy of the world”? WTF? hahaha you didn’t meet any honest people on your travels, and i’m not talking about liberal-underground people, i’m talking every news network, on every country, every newspaper and every author consider US under the bush administration the biggest PROBLEM on earth.

    BTW Great job Dustin, I’m big fan of your job.

    (sorry if i made any gramattical mistakes)

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