At least I have a job!

This week’s Dustinland is sad but true. A few months ago, many of us were preparing arguments to ensure big enough raises, and saying things like, “If they don’t give me at least 10% I am outta here!” But now that the economy is in the pooper, those days are long gone. Now the same people who got mad at rumors of smaller bonuses are just glad to have jobs. And when you see the person in the next cubicle packing their things into a cardboard box, well, the next time you have to stay a few hours late after work, suddenly you’re not griping like you used to. Well, at least Obama won, and hopefully that means this thing will turn around sooner rather than later – or never.

One response to “At least I have a job!

  1. How the West was WON…Kurt Warner here in Arizona is showing us NOW.
    I just found you out of Binghamton N.Y. -by Gus Guley flappin his Eagle (football) wings today.
    “I” was the gal standing w/ my Obama sign as McCain’s “Straight Express” crossed over Camelback Rd, Phoenix entering into HIS Biltmore Victory party, ha, ha – I made it through the Republican Lion’s Den! Indeed one of the top ten best moments in my life.
    Economy and Poop:
    I say, two years and after the two we will just start to pop our heads out of Bushes poop filled-quick sand of America!!
    Let’s all help one another and if you lose your job there’s “always” another way.
    Thank You,
    Barb in Phoenix -Hollar at me.
    Awesome Blog…keep crankin it up – The Truth!

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