Well, I’m back from workacation (work + vacation) abroad, and sadly I have come home to freezing cold weather and a pretty sour looking economy. The latter subject shall most likely be an ongoing subject of Dustinlands in the near future, but this week you can enjoy this cute story of the indignity I am forced to undergo every day. But to tell you the truth, I actually like the whole Custin thing. You know, any attention is good attention, right? Except for being beaten by a wrench. That’s bad attention. Also, getting run over by a tank. Not good.

3 responses to “Custinland

  1. being called Custin isn’t as bad as having a creepy gross-out coworker starts shit with you and lie to your boss that you’re gay.

    but, going along with the Custin thing shows you’re a good sport. I, on the other hand, am not.

    I can think of someone who would benefit from being beaten with a wrench. 🙂

  2. That was a truly great read

  3. You’re unquestionably correct with this blog post!!!

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