McCain vs. McCain

This week’s Dustinland needs little explanation on my part. I’m just putting McCain’s own words out there. And when it comes to politics, or any form of debate really, I think letting people’s own words speak against them is the best way of really shutting them down. And I’m certainly not even close to the first person to do this – just do a quick search on Youtube and you’ll find a zillion McCain flip-flop montages.

Now, when John Kerry went back and forth on a few issues in 2004, conservatives skewered him. They even showed up to the RNC wearing flip-flops. Now McCain is proving to be the champion of the flip-flop, so I’m wondering, where are all the Republicans who crucified Kerry for the same thing last time around?

And speaking of McCain quotes, today he went on the record saying the US economy is fundamentally strong – on a day when the Dow dropped 500 points. I wish I had a little more time to work up a comic on that – not McCain’s quote but the sad state of our economy, but Monday nights aren’t what they used to be for me, so you’ll have to settle for this strip that I churned out on Sunday.


8 responses to “McCain vs. McCain

  1. The estate tax is actually unfair to everyone. There is absolutely no reason why something that has already been fairly taxed (sometimes taxed much more than the value of the object if its been passed down through generations) should be taxed over and over again.
    Oh, and McCain was the one who, although on negative terms with Bush due to losing the party nomination last election year, persuaded Bush to send 20,000 troops into Iraq, which turned out to be beneficial. If Bush had not taken that action, the death toll of or troops would have continued to rise trough to roof.

    As for the ethanol part, the way the US extracts Ethanol (through Corn plants) is a horrendous way to do it, but there are other plants such as sugar cane (look at Brazil for example) which can provide more benefits, without utilizing a primary crop. Brazil has weened itself off of gasoline. Corn ethanol was only chosen so that candidates may get the votes from the midwest corn producers.

    For the privatization issue, I honestly dont know his stance on that, and im not going to pretend that I do, but he has a point that the system will not work in 50 years. I WILL fail. People used to pay into the system, then die off and never be able to collect. That is how it worked. People are now living longer and going into retirement. I believe that he may have just been discussing how the system needs to be fixed, but not subscribing to an actual fix.

    What do you think?

  2. I have to say. I think I just found my new favorite website. Seriously. Thank you so much for what you are doing. You be my heru foo. If I ever get a job I’m buying a shirt. Even though I have no idea what the bird thing is about.

  3. You young people wasting your time on the Internet.

  4. gotta love Palin as Azriel. How bout Birdy telling McCain. NO!

  5. @Link

    Soooo you have no problem with him going back and forth on these issues?

    Not sure if you’re trying to defend McCain’s flip-flopping. I mean I’m with him on the estate tax when he’s against it. But which opinion will he have when he takes office?

    And as far as privatizing Social Security. Have you been paying attention to the markets? Some of the most venerable supposed solid companies are tanking. A 97 year old money market account broke the buck, and you want to put Social Security in that system?

  6. Smurfs Rule. McCain doesn’t matter because the world is going to come to an end before the election anyway. What will we do if the internet goes bankrupt?

  7. McCain long ago showed himself to be someone who will say or do anything to get elected. Straight talk, my ass.

  8. Oh, Bitter, anyone who is in any position of power didn’t get there by being honest – it’s not just McCain.

    I’ve learned that backstabbing, lying directly to people’s faces, and changing the rules for your ‘favorites’ are the standard.

    It’s miserable enough working for a big company, I can’t imagine the bullshit requied to get ahead in politics.

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