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The Same Story

This week’s Dustinland isn’t about a story that’s repeated over and over again (although it is). It’s about a story about how people like to vote for whatever is the same. The same sex, race, religion, whatever. Forget the issues. Forget where they stand on the economy, foreign policy, blah blah blah. All that matters is if they’re just like me in the most shallow ways possible. Heck, I don’t care if they know how to run the government, as long as they seem like they’d be fun to have a beer with, that’s good enough for me.

To prove my point, remember how they were saying 100 million people would watch the debate last week? Only 50 million tuned in. What about the rest of America? Too busy watching UFC?

McCain vs. McCain

This week’s Dustinland needs little explanation on my part. I’m just putting McCain’s own words out there. And when it comes to politics, or any form of debate really, I think letting people’s own words speak against them is the best way of really shutting them down. And I’m certainly not even close to the first person to do this – just do a quick search on Youtube and you’ll find a zillion McCain flip-flop montages.

Now, when John Kerry went back and forth on a few issues in 2004, conservatives skewered him. They even showed up to the RNC wearing flip-flops. Now McCain is proving to be the champion of the flip-flop, so I’m wondering, where are all the Republicans who crucified Kerry for the same thing last time around?

And speaking of McCain quotes, today he went on the record saying the US economy is fundamentally strong – on a day when the Dow dropped 500 points. I wish I had a little more time to work up a comic on that – not McCain’s quote but the sad state of our economy, but Monday nights aren’t what they used to be for me, so you’ll have to settle for this strip that I churned out on Sunday.

Dustinland — The Reality of the 2008 Election

First of all, let me just clarify something in regards to this week’s Dustinland:

I’m not saying ALL of the people who aren’t voting for Obama are racist.

I’m just saying a lot of them are.

You know it and I know it. We all talk about it in the real world, even if nobody talks about it on TV. No matter how much is at stake, no matter what the issues are, many people made up their minds as soon as they saw a black person running for president. Some people will admit it, but most won’t. And those are the people you see on TV, the people who hate Obama, but can’t really say why. You can feel that hatred bubbling to the surface. Look around online on conservative sites like and you barely have to read between the lines. After Obama spoke at the DNC, there were plenty of quotes like: “He is an angry black man.” Not just “an angry man.” An “angry BLACK man.” And we all know what that’s really code for.

So here’s the question: How much of a role will racism play in the election? There’s really no way we’ll ever know for sure. Let’s just hope it’s less than some of us fear.

10 Subway Commandments Dustinland featured on

Check it out. So far people seem most excited about the “Mad Preggers” shirt in frame two.

Dustinland — Peedom Isn’t Free (In Yankee Stadium)

When a friend of mine first emailed me about the events inspiring this week’s Dustinland, I didn’t think I’d be hearing about them later on the evening news. But it became a big story pretty quickly, and people I know out in California have heard all about it. So I may not be breaking any news to a lot of you, but I still think it’s worth discussing — especially in light of the NYPD’s accusations. Man, this dude is the last guy on Earth who is going to be standing on his chair at a Yankee’s game, being a drunk, obnoxious tool. But it’s no surprise they lied about what happened. Once the cops came back from tossing out my friend, his buddy overheard one of them telling a fan that he was “cursing and saying this country sucks.” Not that it matters if he said the country sucks or not — that should still be legal — but it just goes to show you that these cops were already making up stories to cover their asses before 10 minutes had gone by. Man, I bet McNulty wouldn’t have pulled that kinda crap.

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