Dustinland featured on Cracked.com

The Dustinland on philias was featured on Cracked.com today, and as of 6:08 am there were already assholes making douchie comments about it. Really? Who wakes up a 6:00 on a Saturday morning to write snotty comments about webcomics? I guess they could be living in another country in a time zone ahead of the U.S., so in that case it’s not so much early morning loser hate but international hate. Well, I guess either way, everyone’s a critic.

Edit: The strip is doing pretty well on Digg (where there are surprisingly not too many a-hole comments, aside from a few of the typical “this sux yo why tihngs be stoopid”)


5 responses to “Dustinland featured on Cracked.com

  1. Well, if it makes you feel better…. I’ve never heard of cracked.com.

  2. This is the comic that first got me reading Dustinland since I saw it on Slate.com. I love it.

  3. Yo Dustman, you rock dog. thanks to Digg i got to follow up on all your cartoons. the other day i was in such a bad mood and then i started reading all (or most) of your cartoons in the website and man i laughed so hard my mood changed instantly and went to bang my girl. kidding. about the banging thing, or, maybe not. hey man, the bottom line is you’re frickin awesone and keep up the good work
    yo, btw. are you related to Caroline Glick who writes on the jp.com. love her also.
    take care and if you ever around western Canada, around the rockies, we’d love to have you over
    cheers man

  4. Nope – not related to Caroline Glick. There are actually a lot of Glicks out there. There’s even another Dustin Glick (with an IROC): http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2676878

  5. Your work is great. Followed from cracked.com and have been going through your archive obsessively in the last two days – just starting the Birdy series now. Seriously good comics going, thanks for putting it out.

    Greetings from Québec Canada …


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