Daily Archives: August 4, 2008

Dustinland — Lonely

I originally intended this week’s Dustinland to be purely something to cheer up depressed single folk. Whether you were just dumped, you’re in a huge drought, you love someone who doesn’t love you, or you’re just feeling down and out about yourself and your future prospects — that lonely, hopeless feeling is something everyone has felt at some point. But then I thought about it some more and didn’t want my strip to come out like some preachy cliché, even though it’s almost impossible to avoid clichés when covering this subject. So I mixed it up a little, especially with that 6th panel, which could strike people the wrong way. In fact, I could see people being mean and just forwarding around the first six panels, just to make people cry. So don’t do that! Because in the end I want this strip to make people laugh. Happy single people, sad single people, people in relationships — everyone. And if it cheers you up a bit, then even better.