Banned by Google

So I’ve been banned by Google. You see, a little while ago I decided to try and at least break even from all the money it costs to run this site. So I threw some Google ads on my site. That was all well and good, until I noticed that the ads had NOTHING to do with my site. I mean, nobody really clicks on web ads anyway, but especially not random ads that have nothing to do with the content you’re looking at. You see, here’s the problem: Google decides which ads to place on a site by reading the text. I have no text. Just images. So I was getting weird unrelated ads. So what I did was throw some invisible text on there. It was a win-win situation. My readers had the same enjoyable experience reading unfunny comics every week, and all the ads that nobody clicked on made perfect sense. If the comic was about used cars, the ads were about used cars. It was great. But invisible text is a no-no. It messes up Google’s search engine robots. So now, if you type in “Dustinland” on Google, you’ll get a ton of entries, but not the actual site. I’m trying to get it unbanned but that’s quite the Kafkaesque undergoing. So wish me luck!


3 responses to “Banned by Google

  1. I took a look at your source code, and it looks like the no-no is the words in white font in the of your HTML. If you put it in the section of the document as meta data, that should be OK, and you can also add more descriptors in your tag.

  2. ..white font in the of your HTML. Long day, sorry!

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