Dustinland — Rollerblade Messenger Job

I really did have this job in the summer of 97. It was pretty fun although it paid horribly. But you know, if you don’t score a college internship or have some sort of personal connection, your job prospects are pretty limited as an 18-year-old. I’ll add more to this post after next week, when the story concludes. This week’s comic is just part one of two. But stay tuned — next week you get sex AND violence.


3 responses to “Dustinland — Rollerblade Messenger Job

  1. Oh well nothing that original to say there, let alone anything worth of leaving a comment but there it goes. I just discovered this comic on some long afternoon at work and can’t believe I failed to discover it earlier.

    So yeah basicly another oh-so “hey i really like what you do” comment to populate this blog, but I had quite some laughing reading your last 15 entries. Pretty Brilliant. Thanks for bothering 🙂

  2. hah! nice legs on that last frame.

  3. Wow, I thought “fruitbooter” was mainly an insult aimed at aggressive rollerblading (the skatepark kind), I didn’t know it was more of a general insult on all of rollerblading.

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