Monthly Archives: July 2008

Banned by Google

So I’ve been banned by Google. You see, a little while ago I decided to try and at least break even from all the money it costs to run this site. So I threw some Google ads on my site. That was all well and good, until I noticed that the ads had NOTHING to do with my site. I mean, nobody really clicks on web ads anyway, but especially not random ads that have nothing to do with the content you’re looking at. You see, here’s the problem: Google decides which ads to place on a site by reading the text. I have no text. Just images. So I was getting weird unrelated ads. So what I did was throw some invisible text on there. It was a win-win situation. My readers had the same enjoyable experience reading unfunny comics every week, and all the ads that nobody clicked on made perfect sense. If the comic was about used cars, the ads were about used cars. It was great. But invisible text is a no-no. It messes up Google’s search engine robots. So now, if you type in “Dustinland” on Google, you’ll get a ton of entries, but not the actual site. I’m trying to get it unbanned but that’s quite the Kafkaesque undergoing. So wish me luck!

Dustinland Office strip rising on Digg

The People In Your Office strip is heating up on Digg today. Thanks for posting it, MakiMaki! Well, I guess now it’s only a matter of time before this strip makes its way to someone in my actual office, and then before you know it the creepy elevator guy will be giving me dirty looks. Speaking of creepy elevator guys, out of all these stereotypes, that’s the one that’s been at every job I’ve ever had. One guy was even using the lobby’s security camera to take pictures of girls. Maybe there’s some sort of creepiness requirement to join the elevator guy union. By the way, if you are an elevator guy and you’re reading this right now, I know you’re not all crazy. Well, I mean, at least I can assume that. And really, it’s got to be a tough job with a lot of ups and downs. But seriously folks. I’ll be here all week.

*** UPDATE: Dustinland was down for a while today (Wed., June 23). Apparently Digg tossed a little more traffic my way than the site was ready for. But don’t worry, I talked to tech support and everything is up and running again.***

Dustinland — Rollerblade Messenger Job

I really did have this job in the summer of 97. It was pretty fun although it paid horribly. But you know, if you don’t score a college internship or have some sort of personal connection, your job prospects are pretty limited as an 18-year-old. I’ll add more to this post after next week, when the story concludes. This week’s comic is just part one of two. But stay tuned — next week you get sex AND violence.


How about that Scribbley, huh?

Dustinland — But Seriously Folks

I really wanted to put this one in this week’s Dustinland: A three legged dog walks into a bar and says “I’m lookin’ for the guy who shot ma paw!” but it’s not the same unless you say it out loud. Just like this one: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? “Where’s my tractor?” But you have to say “where’s my tractor” in a farmer voice. But seriously, my wife called me and said “come over, nobody’s home.” I went over. Nobody was home.

Dustinland — First Car

After last week’s Dustinland, this week’s sorta makes me feel like a hypocrite, what with complaining about the Earth being destroyed and what not and then buying a car and contributing to the problem. But what can you do? We really don’t have a choice. We’re trying to get something that gets good mileage. Maybe one day we’ll move on to a hybrid once they improve the technology a bit more. I hear the new Prius is going to have solar panels. Nice. My new car will not have solar panels, but it will be good and it will last because it will be a Japanese car. High five.

***Note: You may notice a certain word blacked out in the 4th panel. I had to add that self censorship after noticing the reaction of my special lady friend and realizing that some of you may have quite delicate sensibilities. Delicate sensibilities — that is a term that is meant to sound smart but has actually become quite overused and cliche. However, I am too lazy to think of something better.