Dustinland — Facebook Flake Frustration

When I was in college, there was no Myspace. No Friendster. People didn’t even have cell phones or iPods. So now finally Facebook is catching on big with people my age, people who couldn’t be a part of the original site back when it was strictly a college thing. And let me tell you, people come out of the woodwork on this site worse than they ever did on Myspace or any other site I’ve been a part of. But the thing I don’t get, the thing I talk about in this week’s Dustinland, is this: why would you search for someone from your past, send them a message, then not reply back once they respond to you? I can see just clicking “Add as friend” but once you go through the trouble to send a message, you’re saying, hello, I’d like to start a dialogue with you. And okay, fine. I have no problem send a paragraph of email to someone I haven’t seen since second grade if that’s what they want. But don’t leave me hanging then. Don’t leave me feeling like I’m the asshole begging for a friend here. It’s like asking someone out on a date, then not picking them up. Unbelievable. I know a lot of this can be attributed to laziness but that’s no excuse. I think our generation is just too ADD. Nobody has the time for anything anymore. People used to write letters. Now they can’t even type in a few sentences.

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