Birdy 1,000!!!!!!!!

Wow. I cannot believe there have been 1,000 Birdys. This strip started out as a silly little joke — a satirical statement on the sad state of comic strips today. But then people started following it, and now there are plenty of Birdy fans who don’t like Dustinland. Speaking of Birdy fans, Birdy 999 is an actual photo sent in by an awesome reader who found himself in Tokyo for work. I mean, are you kidding? A little grumpy blue bird refusing free food with a hearty “NO!”? Incredible.

Anyway, enjoy Birdy 1,000 — and thanks so much to Edgar Vicioso for all your hardwork in making it happen!

* note, as of 8:40, Tuesday, Birdy 1,000 has been changed to a Flash file to save my bandwidth. The page looks a little different but that’s out of my control since I know nothing about Flash or Javascript or Flashava files.


2 responses to “Birdy 1,000!!!!!!!!

  1. this milestone calls for some contemplative reflection…

    Birdy 674 is a masterpiece (closely followed by 967, 893 and 824, and I think 892 could have gotten me laid if the person I showed it to was on “my team,” but I digress…).

    Why 674? First off, it’s just plain funny. But beyond eliciting a simple chuckle, its use of the phrase “stop copying me” reminds me of the last time I heard that expression – during my carefree childhood. Good times indeed.

    Also, the mimicking “Hey Birdy” displays the sort of mocking most of us would like to do in real-life but obviously cannot. Finally, “go fuck yourself” in the last panel illustrates the indifference and simmering tension present in most forced interactions.

  2. oh damn, i meant 867 not 967.

    I love the expression on the unicorn’s face. I had people at my office cracking up over that one.

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