Dustinland – Half Day

There are some things that just send certain people over the edge, and for me, this is one of them. I mean, when someone is walking out the door at 5:00 PM, you don’t say anything other than “See you tomorrow” or “Have a nice night.” Maybe you can say “Nice to see you’re getting off at a decent hour finally,” but even that may be pushing via subtle connotations. See, I’m leaving work at the end of the day. What business is that of yours? Do you have to work late? WHOOPDEESHIT! Oh look at you, the martyr! Cry me a river asshole! First of all, how do you know I didn’t just work late every night for two months? Second, either way, SHUT UP and mind your business or I will throw your passive aggressive ass out the window, just like I did in this week’s Dustinland.

Of course in real life I’d probably just smile and make some awkward little unfunny joke. But inside I’d be throwing you out the window.


2 responses to “Dustinland – Half Day

  1. Haha, oh man that is classic. Our business has two halves to it. One half works 10 months of the year basically living in the office. So the other half has to suffer if we want to actually leave at our normal 5:30.

    I used to care, but then realized they don’t pay me any extra for sacrificing health and sanity.

  2. I love the hair on the “Alice” Birdy

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