Monthly Archives: May 2008

Dustinland – A Blessing In Disguise

You know, I understand why people do what they do in this week’s Dustinland. When something bad happens, people naturally want to cheer you up. So they rely on these old cliches like “It was a blessing in disguise,” and it’s not really such a bad thing, but it definitely can get pretty annoying after hearing it from numerous people. Sometimes you just want someone to say, “Yeah man, that totally sucks. I can imagine what you’re going through.” You just want someone to agree with you, someone to be there so you can just let it all out, someone who can just listen. I know people just want to help, but sometimes the last thing someone needs when things are going wrong is someone to tell them how actually, things are going right.

Dustinland — Talking To The Ex = Trouble

You know, this week’s Dustinland covers a pretty good topic but I’m not too thrilled with the way the comic came out. It’s just not that funny. I mean, it’s true, so that’s good, but not too funny. I tried to cover my ass in a sorry, lazy way via the “comic so funny it doesn’t need a punchline” but I guess I’ll just have to settle with being grumpy about my comic this week, since I had to work late today and have no time to whip up another one for you. But who knows, I thought my 2003 comic about rainy weekends was lame and it wound up getting forwarded around the world. Maybe all the angry couples around the world will make this one a hit.

Dustinland — Comics Are Good

I really don’t know what I can say about this week’s extremely lengthy Dustinland that I didn’t already say in the comic itself. I didn’t really intend it to be that long but it just kept coming. And you know, since last week’s Dustinland was all about boobs I figured I’d take on a topic that would appear more to my female fans: comic books. But then again, I have lots of female readers, so maybe things are changing. Back when I was a kid it was totally a guy thing, but then again, we were all reading a lot of mindless crap about huge muscle dudes yelling and beating each other down. It’s not like today when I read Chris Ware and Blankets and read the New York Times while wearing a turtleneck. What the hell am I talking about? I think I’ve been drawing comics too much these last two days.