Dustinland — The 10 Subway Commanments

When you live in New York, you know commuting by subway is enough to drive you insane. This morning my train was so crowded and full of crazy people, angry lunatics and smelly, dirty homeless people, it gave me the impression that the entire world is going insane and that I better get out of NYC while I’m still relatively normal. Too late perhaps but at least I can draw almost funny comics. So that’s what this weeks Dustinland is about. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while, although now that I think about it, if I could rearrange it, I think I would make “Shut your screaming baby up” an official commandment and make it 11. Crying baby on a morning commute? Pure hell.

In other news, there are some ads on the site now. All part of a little experiment I call “Making money so I can pay for things.” Hopeful it works out well for everyone involved.

4 responses to “Dustinland — The 10 Subway Commanments

  1. Dustin here is a possible 12th commandment for subway riders…thou shalt not clip thy fingernails while riding the subway. I am always amazed that riders, many of them apparently quite well-heeled and seeming intelligent and otherwise well-mannered, will whip out a clipper and cut away at their nails. This morning at the Ditmars Blvd stop on the N train, lo and behold, as I sat down I heard the CLICK CLICK CLICK of one of these inappropriate self-grooming sessions going on a few seats away. What motivates these slobs? Don’t they have a bathroom sink at home or do they actually think “hey my nails need clipping, I’ll have to take a ride on the subway.”?? I guess the “no littering” commandment might suffice here, as the bits of nail inevitably wind up on the floor if they are not flying into fellow passengers’ faces.

    Thanks for the great web site!

  2. Dude – I agree with you 100%, and can even top that. Once I saw some guy using an exacto knife to cut the calluses off his fingers. On the subway. Dropping the dead skin on the floor. It still makes me gag just thinking about it.

  3. I smelled a woman’s vagina coming back from coney island once. i knew it was her vagina b/c after lotioning her legs she closed them. and the smell went away.

  4. Holy crow Dustin I just read your entry about the calluses, my iced coffee is crawling up my throat as I get ready to barf with utter disgust. BLEEEECH

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