Dustinland — Houses Are For Grown-Ups

In this week’s Dustinland I chronicle an argument between my lovely wife and I. Yes, I know most of you think that it would be impossible for any girl lucky enough to land a catch like me to ever argue about anything, but alas, there is always something. Really though, buying a house is pretty frightening. Just the idea of owing so much money, especially in these days of mortgage meltdowns and the plummeting dollar… I mean, if I can get stressed out now I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had mortgage payments to worry about. Well, looks like the future holds plenty of excitement!

2 responses to “Dustinland — Houses Are For Grown-Ups

  1. Haha, if you feel like adding fuel to the fire ever pull up a mortgage vs rent calculator from google and see just how much more you’ll be worth 30 years down the road if you DON’T buy.

    Of course that’s if your rent is already relatively cheap and you invest rather than spend your savings.

    Still fun times!

  2. Paying rent is dumb. Why not pay money toward owning something that will only increase in value and someday you can sell it and make some nice money on your investment.

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