Monthly Archives: March 2008

Dustinland — The 10 Subway Commanments

When you live in New York, you know commuting by subway is enough to drive you insane. This morning my train was so crowded and full of crazy people, angry lunatics and smelly, dirty homeless people, it gave me the impression that the entire world is going insane and that I better get out of NYC while I’m still relatively normal. Too late perhaps but at least I can draw almost funny comics. So that’s what this weeks Dustinland is about. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while, although now that I think about it, if I could rearrange it, I think I would make “Shut your screaming baby up” an official commandment and make it 11. Crying baby on a morning commute? Pure hell.

In other news, there are some ads on the site now. All part of a little experiment I call “Making money so I can pay for things.” Hopeful it works out well for everyone involved.

Dustinland — Houses Are For Grown-Ups

In this week’s Dustinland I chronicle an argument between my lovely wife and I. Yes, I know most of you think that it would be impossible for any girl lucky enough to land a catch like me to ever argue about anything, but alas, there is always something. Really though, buying a house is pretty frightening. Just the idea of owing so much money, especially in these days of mortgage meltdowns and the plummeting dollar… I mean, if I can get stressed out now I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had mortgage payments to worry about. Well, looks like the future holds plenty of excitement!

Dustinland – The People In Your Office

This week’s Dustinland is not necessarily based on actual people I know, but more on little traits I’ve noticed from different coworkers over the course of my cubicle lifetime. For instance – the creepy elevator guy. He’s a combination of three different elevator guys from three different buildings – and all three guys were creepy! You know, the really friendly kind of guys who are a bit too friendly to the ladies.

I can pretty much assume that people in my office are going to be asking me who is who tomorrow so I might as well go on the record now saying that nobody is anyone, although some people may have inspired some of the characters and maybe not or yes but sometimes Y 52 purple. I didn’t do it, I swear!

In other news, last week’s Puppy Face comic hit it big on Reddit and Stumbleupon and – just like I predicted it would – got more hits than all four installments of Beer and Loafing combined. That just goes to show you how long online attention spans are.

Dustinland — Beer and Loafing in Costa Rica No. 4

It’s over! After all that hard work of reading, after you’re done with these last three pages, you will never have to read about my tropical paradise honeymoon ever again. Yup, this marks the end of an entire month dedicated to my trip. An 11-page epic, finished. Done. I worked so hard, and you care so little. But that’s okay, because here’s a special bonus Dustinland for all of you who weathered the storm this past month. Enjoy!

Dustinland — Beer and Loafing in Costa Rica No. 3

This week’s Dustinland is the third installment of my stupid honeymoon saga. It will all be over last wee. I hope you like it, but if you don’t, at least I still got to spend two weeks in a tropical paradise. And in case you’re wondering, which you’re probably not, all the photos in Beer and Loafing are ones we took on the trip — we being me and the wife. The monkey ones are my favorite. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with pretty much anything involving monkeys, unless they’re throwing poop at you or clawing your eyes out or launching nuclear weapons.