Dustinland — How’s married life?

This week’s Dustinland is all about how once you get married you get barraged by the question “So, how’s married life?” For me it’s been almost four months now and there’s no sign of slowing up. Basically, every time you see someone you haven’t seen for a while, they can’t help but ask. So if you’ve asked me this question, don’t feel bad. You, as one person, did not commit a horrible act, worthy of the mockery people receive in the comic. It’s an innocent question. But from my point of view, it is a bit frustrating answering the same question ad infinitum, especially when the answer to the question is “pretty much the same.” I mean, we lived together. It’s pretty much the same now except we have a nicer salad bowl.

2 responses to “Dustinland — How’s married life?

  1. Hey atleast you don’t get the reoccurring question of “Do you have any Journey?”
    I have been a DJ for some time which has enabled me to learn so much and have been open to more music than I would have been without the DJing experience. Before I retire from DJing I promise to hear with my own ears what the hell is so good about the band “Journey.” Please stop me if I shouldn’t go that far. . .

  2. Last time I DJed (which was a while ago) I had an endless parade of young girls come up to me asking if I had any reggae, which today translates into reggaeton. I’d take some “Don’t Stop Believin'” any day over Daddy Yankee.
    By the way, some readers brought it to my attention that once people are done asking “How’s married life?” they move on to “When are you having kids?” I think I’d prefer that question. At least it would let me rant about annoying children for a while.

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