Dustinland — Decision 2008: The Movie

This week’s Dustinland casts the 2008 presidential hopefuls — Hollywood style. Some of the picks were easier to find than others. Obama and Bloomberg were probably the toughest, and Huckabee was tricky too. I’d have to say my favorites are Bruce Campbell as Romney and the dad from Frasier as Ron Paul. Oh, and as much as I love Dennis Kucinich and plan to vote for him in the primary, he really does kinda remind me of the midget from Twin Peaks (that’s who Michael J. Anderson is, in case you were confused).

3 responses to “Dustinland — Decision 2008: The Movie

  1. too bad Kucinich dropped out!

  2. Totally sucks. I knew he wouldn’t win but now I can’t even vote for him in the NY primary.

  3. I loved this “movie” of yours…LOL…I take it you’re not much of a fan of Rudy G huh..I’ll bet you’re happy he has tossed in the towel (and finally too…I dont think any NYer wants to claim him anymore..

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