Dustinland — The Cleanse

This week Dustinland tackles The Cleanse. You know — those weird diets where people drink syrup for a week or eat nothing but fruit and Twizzlers or only eat things that are red. I myself have not cleasned but I do know many people who have. I kind of what to because I am paranoid that my insides are full of cancer-causing chemical laden pseudo poop, but I am too afraid to do anything that will involve me losing lots of weight or pooping more than three times a day.

2 responses to “Dustinland — The Cleanse

  1. Be careful about doing a cleanse we had some folks here at work try it and one girl’s metabolism got totally shitcanned. Her doctor told her that her body thinks it was being starved and now stores everything she eats as fat to avoid the problem in the future.

    Although I guess you could use a slower metabolism.

    In the end though I’d suggest anyone looking to do a cleanse to look up what exactly your liver does.

  2. The one cleanse I was considering isn’t one of those starvation ones. It just requires that you don’t eat certain things – red meat, bread, pasta, rat poison, nuclear weapons, bullets, broken glass, the one ring of power, etc…

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