Daily Archives: January 14, 2008

Birdy — Beardy

Birdy is currently going under the name Beardy. Any questions?

Dustinland — The Cleanse

This week Dustinland tackles The Cleanse. You know — those weird diets where people drink syrup for a week or eat nothing but fruit and Twizzlers or only eat things that are red. I myself have not cleasned but I do know many people who have. I kind of what to because I am paranoid that my insides are full of cancer-causing chemical laden pseudo poop, but I am too afraid to do anything that will involve me losing lots of weight or pooping more than three times a day.

Article: Top 10 Beards in Modern Music

My brilliant investigations into the world of music continue with this fascinating and well-researched essay: The Top 10 Beards in Modern Music. I think this one is really going to change things. I mean, I broke this thing WIDE open. Huge story. Absolutely huge. CNN should probably pick it up any minute now.

Article: Top 20 Annoy Songs hits SF Weekly/Pheonix New Times

I just started doing some writing for Village Voice Media. Here’s my first project for them, a classy little piece of journalism titled Top 20 Songs to Play in a Quiet Office to Annoy Your Coworkers. It’s pretty cool they put that music player in there, although I have to warn you, it may get some pretty horrific songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day.