News update: Dustinland news archive

• 6/4/07: “Rex in the City” comic on the Bodies exhibit featured in the July issue of MAD Magazine

• 4/17/07: Dustinland about the media response to the Virginia Tech shootings makes it to the Digg top 10.

• 4/3/07: Luxury condos Dustinland featured on Gothamist and Cardinals bashing Birdy featured on Metsblog.

• 4/2/07: is participating in URB Magazine’s online Coachella scavenger hunt! Click the link “hidden” somehwere on the site and play to win a free trip to the California music festival featuring Rage Against the Machine, Bjork and a bazillion other bands.

• 3/6/07: The Dustinland about music critic Tom Breihan gets props from hip-hop blog The Rap Up leading the man himself to give it a mention in his Village Voice blog. The strip also gets a shout out from Krishtine de Leon (one of the contestants on MTV’s I’m From Rollingstone reality show) on her blog.

• 2/6/07: Dustinland featured on Brooklyn Vegan.

• 1/30/07: Dustinland nominated to be nominated for The Eagle Awards 2006: Favourite Web-Based Comic!

• 10/18/06: CBGB’s Dustinland is featured on,, and

• 10/14/06: “Rex In The City” iPod comic is featured in the November issue of MAD magazine

• 9/15/06: “The Pandering Process” comic is featured in the October issue of MAD magazine

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