Letters: Birdy battle (it’s a love/hate thing)

Two readers. Two opinions. Two letters. One Birdy.

I just wanted to let you know that I think your “Birdy” cartoons are completely childish, to the point where they do not make sense to adults. However, I do enjoy your Dustinland cartoons as they actually comment about life as it pertains to people who think about… well, just to people who think. Please do not put me on your mail list.. I know where to find the web site.

in response:


All I have to say is, don’t ever stop drawing Birdy. Birdy is the funniest, greatest, best drawn, you name it, cartoon I’ve seen in…well a long time. I just wish you had the time to draw more each week, as the mailing list email I receive is the peak of my weakly dose of excitement. I’ve managed to tell anyone I know to go to the site and check out the comic, and I have yet to find one that does not keep coming back for more. Thanks for spending (wasting?) your time for those of us who enjoy an excellent comic strip every week.

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