Letter: Very Serious Poetry hated on by townie

When working as an editor for the Pipe Dream, I used to fill the spaces between the comics with what I called Very Serious Poetry. It was just some stupid nonsense, but not everyone felt that way.

November 7, 1998

To The Editors [of the pipe dream]

I just picked up my November 6th issue of pipe dream. I read it often to stay abreast of things on campus and to stay in touch with the youthful vim and vigor that only college students seem to have. Most often I am entertained and amused and informed by the articles. I even ran an ad a few weeks ago. Overall I think that it is a decent operation.

I have to take offense though to the most unnecessary piece added to the bottom of page eleven by “Dustin glick”. Is he a real person, or just a pen name “writing” on the sly? Just because he can type the “f-word” doesn’t mean that it should be printed. That was remarkably vulgar and stupid. The editors have the final say in what gets into Pipe Dream and they made a gross error here. I am not a prude, but I am sensible. Except for an inside joke possibility, which has no place in the paper, it was pointless. Even as shock it was just a sad example of why many college students don’t get taken too seriously by adults in the community.

Vulgarity can be humorous and have a place in writing. What you printed this week by Mr. Glick was trash writing at its worst and an example of a lack of editorial control. Next week in the same sized space maybe you can print an explanation as to why something like that reached your level of quality, and why you decided to print. it. I look forward to reading more about this soon.

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