Letter: President of the Catholic League is not happy

Back when I used to do comics for Binghamton’s Pipe Dream I did this one comic that involved the pope and a 40. Somehow this got back to the president of the Catholic League, William A. Donohue, who was not pleased.

To the Editor (of the pipe dream)

I was recently shown a copy of your Sept. 26, 1997, issue, containing on your “fun page” (page 11) a cartoon depicting an advertisement for a fictional “Vatican’s” malt liquor.

While I am sure the intent of the cartoon was simply harmless fun, I would caution you against trivializing the reverence in which many Catholic people hold our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, and our church’s hierarchy.

I also want to express particular concern about your use of a fictional quote from Pope John Paul II: “Jesus Christ! That’s good Goddamn liquor.” I am sure that there are certain ethnic slurs which you would not use, even in fun, because of their offensive nature. Similarly, I would ask you to be sensitive to the many Catholics and other Christians who are justifiably offended by the use of Jesus’s name in vain.

Thank you for your consideration

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