Letter: Politicin

This letter dates from early 2004. Remember that year? When we re-elected George W. Bush? Yup. Those were some great times. (By the way, the guy who wrote this letter is a black dude so he is allowed to drop the N-bomb, although I did 9 it out to make it more palatable).

Hey man. I’m feelin your political comics lately. People don’t realize how bad it is today. But someone will fuck it up in the near future and heads will snap. For instance, if someone on CNN said “Yes, I am a Republican, and as you know all Republicans hate ni99ers,” then that would be something to get everyone’s attention. Or if someone said, “Yeah, I support Bush. He is from Texas and ever since the Alamo we hated Mexicans, and Arabs are just Mexicans who ride camels.” Then everyone would be like oooooh wow.
What I am saying by this. As an artist, you can put things in layman’s terms and make a draaaaaaastic change. How do you think Robin Hood got people to go and fight against dudes who had shiny armor and horses and a huge castle? Maybe he put shit in lamens terms like, “Uh, look, he is taxing us. Why should we pay him if he never protects us from that bear that ate your uncle? Where was the king when the storm came in and froze all the crops? I’ll tell you where he was! He was taxing your ass for having a lack of apples at this years banquet for the queen. FUCK HIM!!” And they all said “Yeah!! Fuck him!!!”
That’s what you do. You put comics together that make me go hmmmm. And with that said, you don’t have to be a CEO or a knight in shining armer sucking the king’s and bishop’s dicks, faking like you love God then hating gays but butt-fucking your squire every night. You can just be you and take your knowledge and spread it. Do more research and get shit poppin. Like I said, I will stand by you. Just keep me informed and I will spread it from there. Who knows, maybe I might get arrested for spreading it on a song.
So when is the Republican convention coming to town?

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