Letter: Birdy should not have super powers


I have been an avid Birdy reader for the last two years now. I have seen Birdy mirror my own life in some ways. He went through his “touring with Phish” phase, he went through his “I hate my boss” phase, he went through is “I am president of the United States” phase, but his new phase I cannot understand.

Why did you give Birdy super powers? Birdy should not have any super powers. Rather, his power is from within, from his innermost soul. Each Tuesday when I read Birdy I look forward to seeing what a mild-mannered bird can do with regular human powers.

Are you now connected with the big movie companies, and are you promoting this summers new hot movies through Birdy?

Birdy is more than a comic strip to me. I go to bed early on Monday nights so that I am not tired when I read Birdy the next day. I always read Birdy while drinking Dr. Browns Black Cherry soda. I feel as though if Birdy were a real person, he would enjoy that soda the best. With my soda, I snack on fig newtons. They are soft and easy to chew. Only once did I spit them all over my screen when I was laughing soooo hard. I cleaned my screen after reading the next two comic strips.

I tried to start my own comic strip once, but I felt like nothing compared to Birdy. I think Birdy 475 is very reminisint of old skool Birdys, and I am a fan of the old skool. I enjoy everything to do with old skool. I insist my children only use textbooks that are outdated for at least 20 years so that they learn only old skool things. My shoes are always purchase on eBay because buying things in the store is too new. Do you every think like I think?

Please let me know how much longer Birdy will have super powers for.


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