Letter: Astoria represent

Back in 2003 Dustinland and Birdy ran briefly in Wide Angle — a short-lived local newspaper in Astoria, Queens. At least one dude seemed to enjoy it.


I came across your comic strip one night while is was looking at Wide Angle at Sofa in Astoria. I think that, for me, it almost single-handedly redeems the whole field of comic strip production. Basically, all of the ones I’ve looked at in the past, with a few possible exceptions, such as Matt Groening’s have made me feel like I just wasted ten or twenty seconds of my life in reading them. Yours is the best I’ve seen………….brilliant. Really.
It’s also just great to encounter someone who produces something that involves writing who is actually literate and creatively articulate. So many people are trying to write in one way or another while lacking even a basic command of English grammar, punctuation and spelling………most marginal culture output is subliterate.
I think the best compliment I could give you would be to send you a laugh track recording my response to reading a bunch of your strips online, which I just might do since I’ve been into recording conversations and such on microcassette lately!
Anyway, congratulations on a wonderful creation and really worthwhile achievement, and thanks for the laughter……….it was (and will be) LOL out of control.


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