Letter: A fifth grader has found an unappropriate hero

The Pipe Dream was widely read within the town of Binghamton. Sadly, Dustinland found its way into the hands of a fifth grader, who was probably permanently brain damaged by my filthy college humor.

Dear Mr. Dustin Glink,

I love your comics and want to be like you. You are my idol, and my role model and I look up to you very much. You inspired me to start writing comics (although they are nowhere near as good as yours) and selling them to my friends. I think you are the funniest man on earth and it is my dream to meet you, Mr. Glink. I look forward to reading your fun paige every week, and to let you know, that is the first thing I turn to. My favorite is “Dustinland.” And, despite the fact I’m only in 5th grade, I know it’s a lot of hard work, and I apricieate it. I hope you like my comics.

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