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Dustinland — How’s married life?

This week’s Dustinland is all about how once you get married you get barraged by the question “So, how’s married life?” For me it’s been almost four months now and there’s no sign of slowing up. Basically, every time you see someone you haven’t seen for a while, they can’t help but ask. So if you’ve asked me this question, don’t feel bad. You, as one person, did not commit a horrible act, worthy of the mockery people receive in the comic. It’s an innocent question. But from my point of view, it is a bit frustrating answering the same question ad infinitum, especially when the answer to the question is “pretty much the same.” I mean, we lived together. It’s pretty much the same now except we have a nicer salad bowl.

Dustinland — Decision 2008: The Movie

This week’s Dustinland casts the 2008 presidential hopefuls — Hollywood style. Some of the picks were easier to find than others. Obama and Bloomberg were probably the toughest, and Huckabee was tricky too. I’d have to say my favorites are Bruce Campbell as Romney and the dad from Frasier as Ron Paul. Oh, and as much as I love Dennis Kucinich and plan to vote for him in the primary, he really does kinda remind me of the midget from Twin Peaks (that’s who Michael J. Anderson is, in case you were confused).

Birdy — Beardy

Birdy is currently going under the name Beardy. Any questions?

Dustinland — The Cleanse

This week Dustinland tackles The Cleanse. You know — those weird diets where people drink syrup for a week or eat nothing but fruit and Twizzlers or only eat things that are red. I myself have not cleasned but I do know many people who have. I kind of what to because I am paranoid that my insides are full of cancer-causing chemical laden pseudo poop, but I am too afraid to do anything that will involve me losing lots of weight or pooping more than three times a day.

Article: Top 10 Beards in Modern Music

My brilliant investigations into the world of music continue with this fascinating and well-researched essay: The Top 10 Beards in Modern Music. I think this one is really going to change things. I mean, I broke this thing WIDE open. Huge story. Absolutely huge. CNN should probably pick it up any minute now.

Article: Top 20 Annoy Songs hits SF Weekly/Pheonix New Times

I just started doing some writing for Village Voice Media. Here’s my first project for them, a classy little piece of journalism titled Top 20 Songs to Play in a Quiet Office to Annoy Your Coworkers. It’s pretty cool they put that music player in there, although I have to warn you, it may get some pretty horrific songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Letter: American Gladiators did indeed suck

This was from some dude in the airforce, regarding the Dustinland on the new American Gladiators.  

Good Morning,

I too saw the first episode of the new AG, and I must say your comic was spot on!  Here I was all excited to see people run that course with the big Nerf ball guns, but I couldn’t even sit though it that long.  All the gladiators seem to be total ‘roid heads who were rejected from T&A Smack Down, or whatever its called.  And yes the 14 years dude was the straw that broke my camel back.

Great comic strip overall Sir, keep it up!

Dustinland hacked!

 12/30/07: Some really nice person decided to hack my page and bounce all my readers over to a page that sells Viagra. In case you missed it, here’s what it looked like. Good times!

Dorm of the Deaf hits No. 3 on Reddit

12/13/07: The Dorm of the Deaf Dustinland made it to No. 3 on today. Big thanks to the star of the show, Jan-Karl. And from a quick check around the web, it seems the strip was mostly well-received in the deaf community, so that’s good.  Here’s some fanmail:

Dorm of the Deaf is so effing funny! I myself am deaf and I just laughed my ass off. I apologize for the majority of inconsiderate deaf pricks. Thanks for making my day! That comic is spreading like wildfire thru the deaf community. I’m from RIT and it’s the talk of the campus or so to speak. Thought you would like to know that other people are appreciating it as well.

Hatemail in blog form

Some guy is apparently not pleased with one of my Cracked articles, and titled a blog post in my honor.